2014 MOSES Conference: Farming in the City

Pfeiffer, Anne, Julie Dawson, Alex Liebman, and Claire Strader. 2014. 2014 MOSES Conference: Farming in the City. FairShare CSA Coalition. Accessed at: <http://images.csacoalition.org/media/2013/11/Farming-in-the-City-MOSES-handout.pdf>

Anne Pfeiffer works for the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems at the University of Wisconsin- Madison as an urban agriculture associate staff member. Julie Dawson is an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Horticulture Department specializing in local and regional food systems. Alex Liebman is a farmer at Stone’s Throw Urban Farm in Minneapolis, MN. Claire Strader works for FairShare CSA Coalition and the University of Wisconsin Extension of Dane County as a small-scale and organic produce educator. The above individuals for the 2014 MOSES conference produced this source as a planning tool to help maximize production on oftentimes limited space, while limiting labor expenditures for urban farming ventures. Farming in the City includes strategies for soil building within intensive vegetable production, sample successions, and labor management with a sample harvest task sheet. The end of the document includes two farm’s finances as examples for others who are interested in costs and incomes from urban farming.

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