Season Extension Techniques for Market Gardeners

Bachmann, Janet. 2005. Season Extension Techniques for Market Gardeners. ATTRA. Accessed at: <>

Season Extension Techniques for Market Gardeners was published in 2005 by the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA), which provides farmers and educators information on sustainable agricultural practices, and was written NCAT Agriculture Specialist Janet Bachmann. Various techniques to grow vegetables during the early spring, fall and winter months including plastic film mulches, drip irrigation, row covers, low tunnels, and high tunnels or hoop houses can contribute to a sustainable local food system. This publication provides information to market growers on the benefits and costs of these season extension techniques. Specifically this publication looks at cultural practices to modify the microclimate where crops are grown (without the use of a structure), plasticulture for season extension, and the economics of season extension. Further resources are provided at the end. Appendices regarding high tunnel design and construction are also provided at the end.


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