Production Guide for Storage of Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Watkins, Chris B. and Jacqueline F. Noc. 2012. 2012 Production Guide for Storage of Organic Fruits and VegetablesNew York State Integrated Pest Management and Cornell University Cooperative Extension 

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The Production Guide for Storage of Organic Fruits and Vegetables was produced in 2012 by Cornell University Cooperative Extension, and authored by Chris B. Watkins and Jacqueline F. Nock, Department of Horticulture, Cornell University. The guidelines presented are an effort to translate comprehensive scientific research into practical management options focusing on postharvest storage in order to retain produce quality not immediately marketed. Specifically, this publication represents a comprehensive guide on the principles underlying storability for fruits and vegetables (e.g. maturity, respiration, ethylene), harvest and storage management (e.g. food safety, sanitation, cooling methods, ethylene management), and specific crop recommendations. Further resources are provided at the end.



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