Urban Nutrient Management Handbook

Goatley, Micheal Jr. and Kevin Hensler. 2011. Urban Nutrient Management Handbook. Virginia Cooperative Extension. Accessed at: <http://pubs.ext.vt.edu/430/430-350/430-350_pdf.pdf>

Published by the Virginia Cooperative Extension in 2011, Urban Nutrient Management Handbook provides a broad overview of soil science principle in the context of an urban environment. Digging into the science behind soil and water systems in the urban environment and how they are affected by development is an important source of information for urban agriculturalists. Even though this publication centers on turf grass, the broad information on nutrient management and general soil science principles will provide useful to individuals growing food. Specifically this publication covers the objectives of turf and landscape nutrient management, general soil science principles, managing urban soils, basic soil fertility, soil sampling and nutrient testing, organic and inorganic soil amendments, soil water budgets, and principles of stormwater management among others.

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