Tomato Disorder: Physiological Fruit Problems

Delahaut, Karen, and Walt Stevenson. 2004. Tomato Disorders: Physiological Fruit Problems. University of Wisconsin-Extension. Accessed at: <>

Tomato Disorders: Physiological Fruit Problems comes out of the University of Wisconsin Extension and was written by Karen Delahaut and Walt Stevenson. This fact sheet looks at physiological problems caused by environmental factors in tomatoes for growers to be aware of. Because these problems are not due to disease there are no pesticide recommendations for management. This piece provides information on what to look for, why it happens and what a grower can do for the following: blossom end rot, blotchy ripening, catfacing, growth cracks, puffiness, and sunscald. For tomato diseases see Tomato Disorders: Early Blight and Septoria Leaf Spot and Managing Late Blight in Tomatoes both out of the University of Wisconsin Extension.

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