Approved Chemicals for Use in Organic Postharvest Systems

eXtension. 2014. Adapted from: Silva, E. 2008. Approved chemicals for use in organic postharvest systems. In Wholesale success: a farmer’s guide to selling, postharvest handling, and packing produce (Midwest edition).

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Adapted from Erin Silva of the University of Wisconsin’s 2008 piece for Family Farmed, Approved Chemicals for Use in Organic Postharvest Systems covers sanitation and disinfection during postharvest processes complying with NOP rules. This publication covers different cleaner and sanitizer options. Chlorine, and chlorine alternatives ozone and peroxyacetic acid are discussed in the most detail. This publication also provides a list and brief summary of usage of other allowed cleaners and sanitizers e.g. bleach and ammonium.


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