Plain Language Guide to Harvesting Your Crops

Bittermann, Vanessa. 2007. Plain Language Guide to Harvesting Your Crops. New Entry Sustainable Farming Project World PEAS Cooperative 

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Plain Language Guide to Harvesting your Crops, written by Vanessa Bittermann, was published in partnership between World PEAS, a cooperative formed in 2005, and New Entry, an initiative of Tufts University’s Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. Meant for all audiences, this publication is presented in plain language for individuals looking for information on when to harvest, postharvest handling, and preparing produce for market. The guide includes things like the best time of day to harvest, maturity guidelines, harvesting and postharvest handling instructions, and storage for different vegetable and fruit groups e.g. greens, roots and tubers. For more specific information on individual crop types and their harvesting information see the Roxbury Farm Harvest Manual.

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