Postharvest Handling of Fruits and Vegetables

Bachmann, Janet and Richard Earles. 2000. Postharvest Handling of Fruits and VegetablesATTRA 
Postharvest Handling of Fruits and Vegetables was published in 2000 by the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA), which provides farmers and educators information on sustainable agricultural practices, and was written by Janet Bachmann and Richard Earles. This publication discusses production practices, harvest handling, and postharvest storage of fruits and vegetables to ensure quality and shelf life of produce on small-scale farm operations. It provides in depth discussion on refrigerated storage postharvest options as well as potential chilling damage and crops that can and cannot be iced. Sanitation of produce to protect from postharvest disease and for consumer protection against foodborne illness is also discussed. Appendix of storage conditions (temperature, % relative humidity, precooling method, storage life days, ethylene sensitive) for fruit and vegetables, and design and structure diagrams of the Portacooler (a portable precooler designed by USDA researchers) are provided at the end.

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